Thursday, 29 March 2012

Information Literacy BEYOND Library 2.0

This blog has gone rather quiet! The main reason has been that a sequel to the book has been under development : called "Information Literacy beyond Library 2.0".
Jo Parker and I have been hatching this for well over a year so here it is at last!
This blog has been trying to keep you up to date so now we have another book!

Here is the blurb from our publishers :

Information Literacy Beyond Library 2.0
Peter Godwin and Jo Parker

This new book picks up where the best-selling Information Literacy meets Library 2.0 left off. In the last three years the information environment has changed dramatically, becoming increasingly dominated by the social and the mobile. This new book asks where we are now, what is the same and what has changed, and, most crucially, how do we as information professionals respond to the new information literacy and become a central part of the revolution itself?

The book is divided into three distinct sections. Part 1 explores the most recent trends in technology, consumption and literacy, while Part 2 is a resource bank of international case studies that demonstrate the key trends and their effect on information literacy and offer innovative ideas to put into practice. Part 3 assesses the impact of these changes on librarians and what skills and knowledge they must acquire to evolve alongside their users.

More information:

Table of contents:

Free sample chapter:

Photo : Social networking in the library at Luton in former years.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Geographies of the World's Knowledge

Want to see some visualisations of internet penetration worldwide with total numbers together with % of population? Or the world's largest newspapers, mapping Flickr, distribution of articles on Wikipedia? The Convoco Foundation and Oxford Internet Institute have given us a fascinating collecxtion of data and visualisations here.