Friday, 24 October 2008


Those of you who contributed to the book will know that whilst Peter and I were writing and editing, I was working on another major project, namely "Baby 2.0"!

Sam arrived in June, and he, along with his big sister, have been keeping me very busy ever since. I can see that I have a lot of blog reading to catch up on.

What I have been musing on of late is the potential of information literacy on the move e.g. via mobile devices. Being particularly time poor, and having to snatch a moment online, wherever and whenever - usually on an iPhone, usually for no more than 6 minutes at a time - is a pretty regular pattern for me at the moment. I'm sure many others must be in a similar position. There was a conference last year at The Open University on mobile libraries (library services via mobile technology, rather than libraries on wheels...) at which Peter and I ran a workshop on information literacy via mobiles - details of the conference proceedings here.

Attached is a picture of baby 2.0, who shows no signs as yet of being information literate, but it's early days!

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