Tuesday, 16 December 2008

My paper at Bridging Worlds Conference

I promised to post a little more about the Bridging Worlds Conference in Singapore which I attended in October. Photo shows a fastfood stall which amused me, headed "Pig Organs and Kway Chap"!

The Conference focused on "how the information, knowledge and cultural institutions are responding to the social and information future while continuing to connect with their diverse communities in appropriate spaces, engaging with them to build the culture, information and knowledge dividend."

It was great to hear Dr N Varaprasad, the National Librarian there say that "Library 2.0 is firmly embedded in the Library landscape". For me it has been great to see the take-up by librarians since I first got involved with Web 2.0 back in 2006.

My presentation has been on Slideshare as part of the Bridging Worlds collection.

For convenience here is another link to the presentation "Information Literacy and Web 2.0 : is it all hype?"and a link to the paper.

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