Friday, 27 March 2009

What is the Library of the Future?

This debate is being held in real life in Oxford, but people with Second Life avatars can participate virtually - and all delegates, real or virtual, have to suggest question-time type questions. The event will take place on Thursday 2 April 2009 in the Martin Wood Lecture Theatre, Department of Physics, University of Oxford from 2.00pm until 5.30pm.

"JISC and Oxford University Library Services are jointly hosting a public question and answer debate in order to discuss what information and library provision mean in these changing times; technology has had a huge effect on the behaviour of both information consumers and service providers. What is the library and what do libraries need to do in order to support knowledge, innovation and society?"
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Mark Moran said...

A parallel question to "what is the library" is "what is the library not?" These days it seems to have become a free alternative to Starbucks; a place with free Internet access where you can hang out and carry on with your life. I've just read of one library banning the use of Facebook on its computers; as customers sadly begin to live much of their life online, other libraries may have to follow suit.