Friday, 1 May 2009

It's not about the technology

I liked this post : "learning in the 21st century is not about the technology", says Kelly W. Hines. Yes of course they need computers, ipods, etc etc but these are not the main driver of change in the classroom. It's the need for a seachange in attitudes to learning and teaching.
"Here is a list of four things that every teacher must recognize in order to effectively and positively impact students in a new generation of learning:"
1.Teachers must be learners.
2.Learning and Teaching are not the same thing.
3.Technology is useless without good teaching.
4.Be a 21st century teacher without the technology.

Finally -
"Now imagine a classroom where the teacher has embraced these principles. The teacher is a learner. The teacher teaches with learning in mind. 21st century skills are highlighted through facilitative leadership. These foundational components of a quality classroom experience will ensure that students value experiential and focused learning. Now if you take this teacher and introduce them to the wonders that technology offers for students, the possibilities are endless. But, it really is not about the technology."

I've read similar articles but never expressed in such a short punchy way.

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Hines Family 4 said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed my take on necessary skills in the 21st century! Thanks for highlighting the post :)

- Kelly Hines