Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Beware the telephone!

"New technology : the threat to our corporate information" is a clever cartoon presentation on Slideshare which made me laugh. Yet it has some punch. If you haven't seen it, take a quick look.

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toni said...

Hey Peter,

I am really enjoying reading your blog - and am particularly enjoying reading about all of the conferences you are popping off to around the world!

But, I just had to leave a comment saying how much I like the slideshow you have embedded in this post! Fantastic!!! It made me laugh! So many educators are so resistant to new technologies and pull out a whole raft of excuses as to why so many new technologies are not going to work in their classrooms and this just hits the nail on the head really doesn't it! I will be using it with some of the groups I work with.

I am also really really interested in the work you are writing about around the idea of mLibraries and I will be passing this on to the librarians I am working with at schools in New Zealand.