Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Delicious links to Twitter

You can now opt to send a bookmark on delicious to twitter. This could be a powerful way of sharing quickly. When filling in the details on the delicious proforma an option to do this is offered. My first experience of this mirrored many of my other experiences of using a new (to me) service : kick it and swear a few times and eventually it works for you.
Perhaps I was unlucky but I shall keep trying this as it is potentially a time-saver.
Anybody else any experience of this?

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Anonymous said...

We had some problems getting Twitter to map to Delicious, but I think it was something on their end. It seems to be fixed now.
We've been able to post some of the great sites we find related to educational programs here and we've even gotten some new followers and suggestions for other resource areas from the Delicious/Twitter mapping.
I really like this new feature in Delicious!
Heather Davis