Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Netvibes dashboards are great!

Every now and again I come across something online that changes my life! Tweetdeck was the last one that I remember immediately. Now it's Netvibes.
Thanks to Phil Bradley's Weblog I was reminded to take a look at Netvibes again. See his post here. It makes the creation of a collection of RSS feeds so easy! Just put in your subject and it creates a page of feeds and you can then add your own selected ones! Brilliant!This will be really useful for setting up pages of resource feeds on subjects for staff and students.
I've always used PageFlakes for my home page : guess I should change to Netvibes.


Anonymous said...

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the unquiet librarian said...

You might be interested in how I've been teaching students to use Netvibes as an information dashboard and way not only organizing information streams but as a tool to represent their learning:



Buffy Hamilton

Anonymous said...
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