Thursday, 10 June 2010

Web 2.0 integration in information literacy instruction

I blogged about this (Luo, Lili "Web 2.0 integration in Information Literacy instruction: an overview" in Journal of Academic Librarianship 36(1) 32-40 ) earlier in the year without having access to the text. Having read my interlibrary loan copy I can now firmly recommend it as an interesting update to this blog.
It contains a survey and semi-structured interviews examining the adoption of Web 2.0 in IL instruction.An e-mail message was sent to the ILI-L listserv. I found it disappointing that only 50 valid responses were received and then 8 follow-up interviews were then undertaken. However the results are encouraging and very follow up our case studies in the book.
There was mention of use of Web 2.0 tools to illustrate importance of evaluation :
e.g.Facebook as a metaphor for evaluating stuff on the web - a friend request = like evaluating information.
e.g.Change an article on Wikipedia to demonstrate active participatioon of the Web.
e.g. Using flickr to snag digital images and apply attribution and how to put stuff on Wikipedia emphasising copyright and creative commons.

Overall respondents reported positive reaction to Web 2.0 tool usage in IL classes.
The article suggests 3 levels of IL and Web 2.0 :
1. Librarians use for own purposes without engaging students.
2.Librarians (84% of surveyed) use to facilitate delivery of content to students.
3.Librarins (38%)draw on certain features of tools to better illustrate IL concepts.

There is a very useful Table (Table 2) to help us develop Web 2.0 integrated instruction.

She concludes "the landscape of Web 2.0 is constantly evolving and it is crucial that librarians stay current with its development....following professional blogs....."
I guess that is where this little blog comes into the picture (although I cannot see any evidence of awareness of it in the bibliography!!!)

Pic shows me on a boat trip in Scotland - yes it was wet - but it also looks as if I am about to broadcast a declaration, presumably about Information Literacy, down the white tube!

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