Saturday, 16 October 2010

Information Fluency Strategies and Practices to Help Enhance Critical Thinking Skills

Thia presentation by Chad Mairn of St Petersburg College, Florida is full of ideas for your information literacy classes.
I particularly iked the idea that
"Information fluency is the intersection of information literacy, computer literacy and critical thinking."

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Chad Mairn said...

Thank you for posting my presentation to your blog. It means a lot to me that others in the profession value it.

By the way, this was an interesting presentation at Computers in Libraries 2010 because it was my first time experimenting with live audience polling at a large national conference. Plus halfway through the presentation I displayed the Twitter backchannel, so I could gauge the audience's reaction to my automated tweets. It worked and I was able to answer questions and respond to comments via Twitter! It gave me a chance to, in a sense, read the audience's mind. It could have easily backfired. Yikes! :)

And finally, I would be happy to answer and questions that you may have.


Chad Mairn