Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Listen to blog posts with Odiogo!

Today I have enabled my posts to be listened to using the free service Odiogo. It is NOT my voice!! "Odiogo takes an existing textual RSS feed and creates a new one, identical to the original one, enriched with an audio file for each piece of content. RSS feeds can be viewed and listened to with RSS readers such as FeedDemon, or FeedReader or through personalized Homepage/RSS reader services such as My Yahoo!, Netvibes or Pageflakes. With an MP3 player or an iPod one would use podcast management tools such as Apple's iTunes or iPodder." This means that you could use the "subscribe to my podcast" link at the bottom left of my blog and can get the content as podcasts via i-Tunes for example! The idea is then that you save time by listening to the posts rather than reading! I thought I'd try it out. If anybody fancies trying it and it works it would be good to hear.

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Roy said...

Hi Peter,

You might also want to try and have a look at VocalFruits is a new web based podcasting service, any registered user can create a podcast from any RSS feed in no time. Other useful and innovative services include aggregating a number of RSS feeds into one podcast or creating your personal podcasts that you can update by emailing to your personal VocalFruits address. The service also provides for a web browser version and a mobile version ideal for listening to content on a mobile phone and other mobile devices. VocalFruits is equally a useful application for content owners to provide their readers with an audio output of their content.