Friday, 25 July 2008

Information Literacy and Social Networking resources

In the past week I have created a couple of resources. The first is a Pageflakes page on Information Literacy with relevant feeds from blogs and some other resources (e.g. a couple of journals and discussion lists). This is at I am aiming to keep this resource up-to-date.
The second is a set of pages on Netvibes on social networking tools that I created for workshops I ran yesterday for the ARLIS conference in Liverpool. Again there are mostly links to resources and feeds, but also some little explanatory notes and a few embedded items. This resource is at (n.b. no slash at the end). There is a general page, plus a page each on microblogging, Facebook etc, and virtual worlds.
Comparing the two applications: Netvibes seems to have more scope in allowing you to embed a wider range of items e.g. HTML, so that for example I could embed a Google Lively room in a Netvibes page. In Netvibes you have Private and Public pages - something I didn't notice to start with, which resulted in a moment of blind panic when I realised I had created this resource "privately" and might have to recreate it publically.
However you can actually publish pages from private to public with one click, making it a useful feature: you can work on a page and just reveal it when ready. An oddity (I think) is that some features are only available in one view or another - boomarks only in private and HTML strings only in public. I think that Netvibes will offer memore scope in the future for use in teaching and learning (compared with Pageflakes), although I might end up with a confusingly large number of tabbed pages if I use it a lot.

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