Thursday, 10 July 2008

My 60th Wild West Party

Anyone who has suffered my Powerpoint presentations will know that I am a Wild West fan! Last Saturday was my 60th Birthday Bash (I'm not really 60 til next Tuesday,15th) and 75 friends, family, librarians and musicians humoured me by coming to a Wild West party (3.00-10.00) in the Waterend Barn in St. Albans! With suitable Wild West food and square dancing from the Brookfield Band, everyone seemed to enjoy it...the costumes were amazing, and I got to wear that enormous Plains Indian headdress....(I always wanted to wear one on an enquiry desk and see whether anyone commented..) My teens were spent researching the Wild West, and it has been a joy to visit some of the sites (Tombstone, Arizona ; Fort Laramie, Wyoming and Monument Valley, Utah/Arizona). It was even better to be able to share my party with so many friends and colleagues and so for your amusement I am including a few photos in the next posts..

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