Thursday, 30 July 2009

How is Web 2.0 being used?

The JISC SIS Landscape Study is collecting case studies of users of Web 2.0. They are done as transcripts of short interviews.At present there are nine -4 from academic staff, 2 from librarians, 1 from a Learning Developer, 1 researcher and 1 Web advisor. Very useful for getting ideas and finding out how practitioners are using Web 2.o.

Here's an excerpt from one with the Web advisor (Brian Kelly) :

"How do you judge what’s good and what’s not in the Web 2.0 world?

Trying things out. Seeing what others have to say. Deciding if it works for me and evaluating the risks of what I’d lose if the service wasn’t sustainable. And then making judgements based on that risk assessment."

Here's an excerpt from one with a librarian (Lyn Parker - Sheffield University)

"What about self-help materials and FAQs?

We have produced a number of screencasts, not strictly video but play like video, for tours of the libraries, freqently asked questions, walk-throughs of how to find journals, etc. These were created with Captivate and made available through our Web pages.

We are also investigating how we might use Delicious bookmarks with our subject guides. Digg has been recommended as having more features than Delicious, particularly for student notes, highlighting text, etc. We’ll need to evaluate both before moving forward.

I have an account on Slideshare and post most of my presentations there. We are working on embedding them into our Information Skills Showcase and into our library liaison team pages."

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