Thursday, 1 October 2009

Blogs v twitter

Looking at the list of number of posts I havent been posting so much lately. I know it's been the summer sillly season as I call it, but that is not the whole story. I follow over 30 blogs and the posts are getting less.
Surely twitter has a lot to do with this. It so easy to do a quick post on twitter with a URL. THis is especially true now that delicious has made it easy to add a twitter post. I reckon it might take me a couple of minutes to do a twitter post as opposed to at least 10 to do a blog post. Of course the latter gives me the chance to give more detail, quote, or comment so I shall continue to use both and choose my blog posts from the more meaty items I come across.


tumeltyni said...

Twitter is certainly quicker and easier for the poster, but think of those of us who like to use blogs to get us thinking about issues? Twitter's overrated (as a reader). Keep up the blogging :)

David said...

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addi said...

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