Thursday, 1 October 2009

Information Literacy flickr group

Sheila Webber has started a flickr group for Information Literacy.
It will be interesting to see what kind of photos get deposited! I can remember doing Google searches for images for information literacy over the years and getting very little except conference pictures and occasionaly enthusiastic librarians.We do need good images to promote information literacy. I used to use the Beloit College image with the cut away head .

What we need are some imaginative images which we could use to illustrate information literacy e.g.the maze at Hampton Court?
Some time ago there was a discussion on lis-infoliteracy from Mark Hepworth about images around which teaching IL could be based : mapping the information landscape ; cooking metaphor - what ingredients do you need? ; sporty readers where they have to describe their research habits in terms of a sport e.g/a fly fisher dips in ; information as part of the environment - can be polluted or degraded etc.
I know that a number of presenters use large pictures to illustrate concepts in their Powerpoints, this could be the place to put the images. Perhaps we should have an annual prize....
Please dont look at me to populate the site over the next few weeks though!

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