Friday, 5 March 2010

Mobile Reference : what are the questions?

Joan Lippincott (of Coalition for Networked Information) has a prepint version of an article here for Reference Librarian on a most topical subject.Here is the abstract :

"While many libraries are already offering some types of reference services geared to
users of mobile devices, they generally focus on the reference transaction and not on
some of the broader aspects of service, including availability of content for mobile
devices and relationship of the library’s services to mobile initiatives on campus. Asking
the right questions during the planning process can assist librarians in clarifying their
goals for the service, identifying units to work with on campus, and determining whether
the service is successful. This is a rapidly developing area and flexibility is key."

She asks : What is the current state of deployment of mobiles in your institution? What are your goals for providing services and what is your strategy? Who should you work with to take mobile reference forward? How do you measure success? What is your strategy for the next 2-3 years?

As normal with Joan's articles this is both a thought-provoking and practical short article.

Pic shows our LRC where I work, on a sunny day (like today).

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Karl E said...

Thanks for this write up on a very important subject.