Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Information Literacy 2.0

I agree with so much of an article by Meredith Farkas on Information Literacy 2.0 when she says :
"The birth of the web made it necessary for librarians to shift more towards teaching search strategies and evaluation of sources. The tool-focused “bibliographic instruction” approach was later replaced by the skill-focused “information literacy” approach. Now, with the growth of Web 2.0 technologies, we need to start shifting towards providing instruction that will enable our patrons to be successful information seekers in the Web 2.0 environment, where the process of evaluation is quite a bit more nuanced."
She goes on to emphasise the importance of critical evaluation. This has always been important : it is simply that it is now the most important factor - in my opinion.Search is significant but its what you do with the results - how you interpret them and make them into an argument. That's what my students can't do and need help with. And of course being able to use the wonderful collaborative tools that Judy O'Connell was speaking about here.

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