Tuesday, 22 May 2012


I know it is outside my normal remit but I cannot avoid posting about Spotify. I expect that many, or most of you, are already using it....but I have obly beeen using it on my PC and laptop about six months now. Imagine having much of the music of the world available for listening and bookmarking  into playlists free.Bear in mind there  are adverts occasionally (but there are on Classic FM and they are just as irritating there) and if you want to listen without ads you have to pay and if you want to listen to to your tracks on a mobile device you have to pay more but it is still a great service.

So what am I listening to while doing this post?  This is amazing music by a neglected master of JS Bach's time.

Jan Dismas Zelenka – Trio Sonata No. 1 in F major, ZWV 181: II. Allegro

And I was able to embed this through the useful little article Add Spotify, Rdio and GitHub's Gist embeds to your site  by Alex Mills which I have just been reading.  Magic.


Danial Jose said...

Now you can download mp3 songs from spotify directly via their new launched web player, Using a Firefox addon named cache viewer. I tested it and works with both free and premium accounts!
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Betty Rose said...

I think its great when new developments bleed into other subjects, it allows for a flow of learning and I always think that this is the best way to learn. I try to find ks2 resources that flow amongst one another and this is something I feel works the best! Great post!