Thursday, 23 April 2009

Discussions in SL 23 and 30 April

There are 2 discussions about information literacy upcoming in Second Life. Both take place within SL (the virtual world) and you need a SL avatar and the SL browser installed on your computer.
Impressions of the LILAC conference.
Thurs 23 April, 12noon - 1pm SLT (8-9pm UK time)
Infolit iSchool,
LILAC is the major UK information literacy conference. Some LILAC participants will highlight sessions they liked. If you were at LILAC too - come and share your impressions. If you were not - come and hear about what happened!
Focus Group: SL as a tool for networking, collaboration and CPD
When: 30 April 2009, 12noon - 1pm SLT (8-9pm UK time)
Where: Sakura House, Infolit iSchool
We are looking for librarians or information specialists to participate in a focus group discussion on Second Life a facility for networking, collaboration or continuing professional development. What works and what doesn't work? We need input from those working in any sector, in any country (the discussion will be in English).

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