Friday, 3 April 2009

Some delicious ideas

While editing up an article today (ugh) I came across some interesting ideas for using delicious on the Information Literacy at ISU blog (Idaho State University)

Search with Delicious
Invite students to search within Delicious ( In a history class, they might search “civil war.” They would then find websites that others had marked as bookmarks. Remember that the more a website is bookmarked, the greater its chances of being a reliable or useful site.

Worksheets with Delicious
Let students find answers to questions on a handout through the websites you have bookmarked and tagged. Bookmarks can be grouped into “Bundles,” so hints and reference to particular “Bundles” may assist students as they navigate your bookmarks to answer the questions on the handout. It is possible to create Delicious accounts specific to a class and separate from personal accounts. As far as I know, nobody has been limited in the number of Delicious accounts they create.

Find Five Websites for Your Project
Tell students to look for five websites that would be good for a particular research assignment. Then ask them to send these websites to your Delicious account. Do this by including the following tag: for:(+ account name.) Ex: for:sjardine. The saved websites go to your Delicious Inbox, identifying from whom they came.

Anyone tried anything like this?


Bronte said...

Thanks for these suggestions. I have set up a delicious page for our school library and will use the worksheet idea as a way of teaching information literacy using delicious.

Sheila Webber said...

This ppt on Slideshare
is from Jamie Wood (not a librarian) explaining how he used Delicious through a series of history seminars (students had to post annotated links each time, there was also a blog). Although this is a fairly short ppt I think it is interesting in that it has indications of how there could be meaningful interaction between the students' delicious posts and the teacher & the teacher's teaching/learning plan. If (the student) selecting a bookmark will actually have an impact on what is talked about at the next seminar, it must have more impact.

Spencer said...

Glad you could share some of my ideas on using delicious bookmarks within a classroom setting.