Sunday, 7 June 2009

New public library in Newcastle upon Tyne

I'm posting about this because this new public library opens today to the public. I was privileged to have a sneak preview when I visited my son last month. It is a glimpse of what the future holds for public libraries. I have seen external views of this exciting building before but it is only when viewing the interior that is is possible to appreciate its sheer size.

There is a large flexible area for meetings and presentations ; attractive media collection area ; and excellent IT access. I was very interested to hear about the new style help which will not be provided from librarians behind desks but by staff sitting with patrons around open style kiosks.

Many thanks to Kerry Morris of the Library staff for showing me round, and I look forward to hearing about the Web 2.0 tools which they will undoubtedly be employing soon.

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library2.0 said...

not being funny, but are there any photo's of books?