Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Problem-based learning meets Web 2.0

This presentation by Frances May (University of North Texas) at LOEX 2009 Albuquerque caught my eye. As part of a Basic Communication Studies course, groups of 25 students were brought to the library, shown a 3 minute YouTube video which illustrated a problem. e.g. BBC News about China's grime belt air pollution extreme)They had then to list the facts contained in it, develop a problem statement, determine the information they needed, construct a search and then run it against the OPAC and Academic Search Complete.
Student comments "The video was helpful ...from the problem statement students are able to search relevant topics that support their research" and "helped me to realize how to really research".
Guess the point is that the video grabbed them in a way that just suggesting a topic (or getting them to) would not, and then they get engaged in deciding what they wabt to find out, formulate keywords and start the process of searching. Must try this.

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