Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Your School Library : Information Literacy with Web 2.0

I am presenting within the Your School Library II : Information Literacy with Web 2.0

"The first Your School Library online conference – Transforming School Libraries with Web 2.0 – was held over February and attracted in excess of 200 delegates. According to participant feedback, it was highly successful in stimulating debate and discussion about the school library in the Web 2.0 world. Delegates identified the topic that they wanted to next investigate Information Literacy in a Web 2.0 world, which would look at the emerging digital tools but with a sharper focus."
The second conference is bigger and in June with some special presentations coming online in July. The majority of presentations are in English.n July). The main conference started on June 13 and discussion will conclude July 5.
Once again, the conference is “held” on the collaboration website Delegates use this as a base camp to explore the Web 2.0 world.
Contributors list is impressive :
Mike Eisenberg US
Karen Visser Australia
Lesley Farmer US
S C Kong HK
Barbara Combes Australia
David Kennedy HK
Daniel Churchill HK
Kate Reid Australia
Dana Dukic HK
James Henri Australia
Sharon Markless UK
Lourense Das Netherlands
Patricia Montiel Overall US
Lourdes David Philippines
Mihaela Banek Croatia
Lee FitzGerald Australia
Pat Parungao Canada
Sheila Webber UK
Helen Chan HK
Albert Boekhorst Netherlands
Roeland Smeets Netherlands
Donna DesRoches Canada
Peter Godwin UK
Carlene Walter Canada
My contribution "Information Literacy meets Web 2.0 in schools" will be released to the course in about 10 days. It was an interesting experience recording the 23 minute audio track in one take against the slides! Maybe I'd do it in sections next time...
I shall post again about this course, giving my impressions.

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