Thursday, 15 May 2008

Having fun doing a Webinar!

Recently I was invited by RSC London to do a presentation called "Information Literacy : making it happen". To my surprise I discovered it was going to be a Webinar delivered live on the Web using Wimba Classroom! A"Classroom" was booked by RSC London on the Wimba site for the specific timeslot and invitations went out to interested parties to point their browser at the site at the relevant time. Headphones were obligatory, and microphone optional. I presented the Powerpoint at 2.15 and at intervals invited spoken or written chat responses. It is certainly a different experience speaking online and it is only when the chat appears on the screen or the participants speak that it really comes to life. It became quite lively and was an enjoyable experience and I look forward to experimenting with it here at University of Bedfordshsire as it can integrate with Blackboard.

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Unknown said...

I thought the webinar was quite enjoyable and intersting for sharing ideas

Tom Ash
Croydon College