Saturday, 10 May 2008

Web 2.0 and library education

Hi, this is my debut posting on this blog. I wrote the chapter on developing library and information professionals for web 2.0, in the Information literacy meets library 2.0 book, and so I will be posting comments/ news particularly relevant to that theme. My main blog is the Information Literacy weblog and my Second Life avatar also has a blog (which is pretty sad, I know).

I thought it was worth noting that Dr Helen Partridge has won a prestigious Carrick Associate Fellowship. Helen works with library and information management programmes at Queensland University of Technology (QUT)management students up-to-date with the latest web technologies. 'The library and information world has been greatly impacted by Web 2.0 technology,' Dr Partridge said 'You can't turn around anywhere without hearing someone talk about their blog or Myspace page. My goal is to produce students who are not only leaders but innovators in Web 2.0.' "

Obviously that's a goal with my students too, so I shall follow this with interest. I am planning to visit Australia for 2 conferences this summer, and I hope to meet up with Helen, so I will report back on any discussions in this. That's a bit of QUT you can see behind the trees in the photo: rather more exotic than the average UK campus.

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