Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Gaming and learning

"Gaming and learning :winning information literacy collaboration" by Marsha Spiegelman and Richard Glass. C&RL News, October 2008Vol. 69, No. 9. Interesting and inventive collaboration between faculty and librarian using innovation Web 2.0 tools for a maths class.

"Academic librarians have embraced Web 2.0 technology as the engine of change. We post and poke, friend and follow to maintain relevancy in the new millennium. These applications help us organize our materials, engage our users, and enhance internal functions. Information literacy (IL), once the driving force in academic libraries, has been moved to a side rail in the process. At the same time, gaming has begun to gain mainstream acceptance in academia because today’s students are team players who thrive on the interactive nature of social networking and use games as “social/socializing activity.”1 In this collaboration Marsha Spiegelman, instruction librarian, and Richard Glass, math/computer science classroom professor, sought to get IL back on track by integrating games and Web 2.0 tools into IL instruction. "

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