Friday, 21 November 2008

Information Literacy and Web 2.0 for scientists

There is an important collection of articles in a special issue of "Issues in Science and Technology Libraarianship" Fall 2008, which you can access freely!

An Undergraduate Science Information Literacy Tutorial in a Web 2.0 World
by Jeanine Marie Scaramozzino, California Polytechnic State University
"In order to engage students in a Web 2.0 world, the tutorial has evolved to incorporate interactivity, graphics, and self-assessment. " Very interesting article, showing how active techniques, including YouTube videos were employed.
Chat Widgets for Science Libraries
by John J. Meier, The Pennsylvania State University
Making Research Guides More Useful and More Well Used
by Michal Strutin, Santa Clara University
Podcasting the Sciences: A Practical Overview
by Eugene Barsky and Kevin Lindstrom, University of British Columbia
Web 2.0 as catalyst : Virtually reaching out to users and connecting them to Library resources and services, by Norah Xiao, University of Southern California.
Demonstrates use of Web 2.0 tools to improve outreach to chemistry.students.

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