Friday, 22 August 2008

Beyond Google : developing training

Martin De Saulles (University of Brighton) and Jackie Chelin (University of the West of England) have produced a HEA-ICS funded project 10 minute video titled: “Beyond Google: Developing Training Skills for Library and Information Students in Their Work With the Google Generation”. It outlines, through interviews with academics, librarians and students, some of the issues surrounding how students use the Internet as a research tool. It offers suggestions for developing and delivering training sessions for end users to help them look beyond mainstream Internet search engines and to explore subscription-based databases.

There are some good quotes in the student and academic staff interviews, e.g.a savvy student saying she looked for the links at the end of Wikipedia articles. Much of the advice would have applied to teaching students "before Google" (e.g.plan ahead, align to an assignment) and I would have liked more about ways of employing wikis, blogs, video material from YouTube, podcasts etc.

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