Friday, 22 August 2008

Using screencasts in Information Literacy

Andrew Eynon's Library blog (for FE) contained a useful post this week about how video can be used for supporting Information Literacy. While I would disagree that YouTube doesn't contain much material for this already, his descripton of what he is doing at Colleg Llandrillo Cymru using Moviemaker is very interesting. It has inspired me this week to create a vodcast for some of our overseas MBA students, utilising Audacity for the soundtrack and Moviemaker for the slides, and will be housed in the course Blackboard site. If I create more general ones (and they are OK!) I will put them on YouTube as Andrew suggests.

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Michelle McLean said...

I've done some basic screencasts on our library catalogue using Camtasia Studio (a free version). It was pretty straight forward to do, so am planning to do more. Check them out at