Friday, 22 August 2008

Testing, Swimming and Searching in Scandinavia

Have found out about three online Information Literacy packages on the web from Scandinavia. You may get some good ideas from them and also be able to use parts of them, as they have English versions available.

Library Test is from Syddansk University, Denmark. It claims to be able to tell you in 10 minutes how good you are at finding information, and help you to improve. I didn't get all the answers right in the modules I tried (maybe I shouldn't have been listening to Bach at the time..) but multi-choice questions and answers are often ambiguous, but with the right group it could lead to a good discussion. May try it out next term.

SWIM (Streaming Web-based information modules) from Aarlborg University is very impressive. I only had time so far to watch a video clip where 3 students were discussing how to start their research and I was like a fourth member, wondering how to contribute. Very powerful. Must look at again.

Search and Write from University of Bergen : aims to help students who writing a thesis or assignment and need good tips on how to find relevant literature.

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Sheila Webber said...

Hi - I blogged a session at the Creating Knowledge conference where they were talking about developing the search and write tutorial -