Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Experiences of using Web 2.0 in Information Literacy

Before I set up this blog I considered using a wiki for collecting information on how Web 2.0 was being used in our Information Literacy interventions. I doubted whether anyone would add their stuff to a wiki, so I went for a blog. I am sure that out there many of us are trying out the various tools and it would be great to hear about this. Why not put a comment after this post or e-mail me

Here are two recent blog posts which draw on the experiences in our book :

Kim Ranger (Reflections of a Quaker Librarian) writes here of experiences using a wiki and flickr inspired by Cameron Hoffman's session at WILU in May 2007.

An academic librarian (Burning Windows) in the Tennessee Valley writes of first experiences using flickr in helping understanding of keywords.

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