Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Some great Library videos with Music!

Jonny Dailey has created some great short introductory videos. They use Vimey, which I haven't come across before. Reminded me slightly of FAME type students (the New York performing arts TV show not that database). Also reminded me of the wonderful breakfast we once had in a diner in Broadway, New York where the waiters sang to us. Finally it also reminded me that when I got bored of delivering the Library stuff at large inductions I sometimes used to sing the words from the last slide. It always got a clap.
But these kids are really good. I enjoyed it and might even use it with some of my groups.

Jonny says of the first one :

My friends and I were asked to create 3 videos for my college library. Here is #1.This is a music video with simplicity in mind. When we show it around campus, and to other schools, many people find it catchy. The remaining videos will be posted as they are created.We wrote and produced the song on a Sunday afternoon using a very cheap microphone and some good 'ol imagination. The video was shot in one day on campus."

And of the 3rd one :

"This is the last in 3 music videos that tie into educational resources found at my college library".

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