Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Time to Listen

Time to Listen is a powerful little film about Web generation students (particularly schools)

"Our students live in a global, digital world that many of us could never have imagined. A world that has been transformed and will continue to be, in part, due to technology. Of course, societies have always been in a constant state of transformation due to human ingenuity, but I bet we can all agree that the pace and scope of transformation is accelerating due to the technologies surrounding us. Many of today’s students are most comfortable using laptops, instant messaging, chat rooms, and cell phones to connect to friends, family, and persons with knowledge or content they desire in local communities and around the globe. Given the speed at which change is occurring, we must listen to our students and act to meet them where they want to learn. By The Way, they do want us to listen. Watch and see…."

Be sure and watch all the way to the end!

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